AGATHONISI - The mythic island under the sun

To get there, take one of the ferries from Phytagoria, Lipsi or Patmos. And after a while, the little harbour opens up to you when you enter the narrow strait from the south.

At the harbour you will find a couple of small hotels and also a couple of tavernas. And hidden behind the hills you find the "little town" and the "big town" watching the harbour, as they did at the times when the pirates rawed the seas. To the left in the harbour the travelling dentist share his beach office with the local doctor, and to the right in the picture is Maria's hostel. 

A little mysterious
pearl in the Aegian sea

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Our favourite taverna is the Seagull!  Their kitchen really knows how to cook! They are using ecological grown vegetables from their own farm in Micro Chorio.  Try it for yourself! 

And by the way - Yannis will be very happy to help you book one of his 6 brand new rooms. 
Just call him at +302 247029062 in the  summertime. 

A coffee (or tea) in the morning...
Right next to Seagull is Maria's hotel. Sitting at her terrassa, under the flowering  roof  looking at  the sea and the beach just 10 meters away gives your soul the tranquillity it needs. We have always slept at Maria's - but remember, there are a couple of more places to stay as well. 
Maria Kamitzi's  numbers:
Teleph: +302 2470 29003/29065
Fax:      +302 2470 29004

From a walk behind the Micro Chorio. In the horizon you can see the Megala Choria, and closer to us the Michro Choria.

With a population of around 100 people everybody work together to keep the island alive. It has a school, some churches, an electrical plant combined with a slaughterhouse and a bakery in the hillside towards the Megalo Chorio.  If you want to swim - just  jump into the clean water just below your doorstep. And if you want to explore the island to find some other remote pearls,  put on your boots and wander away.  You will meet a heard of goates with its goatkeeper,  some young oxes chasing you (that happened to me),  or just enjoy the horizon-wide view over the Aegian Sea towards Samos or the mainland of  Turkey.  And you could follow the road eastwards through  Megalo Chorio and look at the fishfarms.  Not far from the east side "new" ancient ruines has been found, from a population living there many thousand years ago. Please inquire in the island when you arrive. Or you can simply walk to one of the lonely beaches along the coastline for a swim without anybody around.  Put a big bottle of water and some food in your bag - you won't find any tavernas around - that's why Agathonisi is unspoiled!
Where to stay - there could be more..
Maria Kamitsi, 10 rooms:  +30 22470 29003, fax: +30 22470 29004
Glaros, 3 rooms, +302 247029062
Theologia Rooms, 4 rooms, +30 22470 29005-6, Fax +30 22470 29006
Kamitsis Georgios, 5 rooms, +30 22470 29064/29101, Fax +30 22470 29101